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Experience our Adrenalin-charged Live Gator Shows!

The first leg of your airboat excursion into the Everglades takes you close to nature’s ancestral dinosaur, the Florida alligator. But the fun continues even after the tour ends as you witness an educational and exciting gator show that demonstrates the awesome power and voracity of these primitive reptiles. If you’re daring, have your picture taken holding a baby alligator or posing with one of your favorite Gator Boys (if you can catch them). For a $5 donation, we’ll place the alligator in your arms and snap a picture for you to show your friends! All donations go directly to support the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue!

Home of the “Gator Boys”

If you’re searching for the world-famous Gator Boys of the popular Animal Planet reality television show, Everglades Holiday Park is the place to be. Why? Because many of the episodes are filmed right here at the park and someone from the show is on site every day to perform our live gator shows. It’s an adrenalin-charged good time filled with exciting stunts, tricks and some of the best entertainment around.

Everglades Gator Shows – A Thrill for the Whole Family

The gator shows are thrilling for sure, but they’re also family friendly, and that means mom, dad and the kids will enjoy themselves. Learn fun and unusual facts about Florida’s most famous reptile and laugh with the kids at amusing tricks and silly jokes performed live in the world famous “Gator Pit”. After the show is over, take turns holding a baby alligator for pictures you’ll treasure forever. There’s nothing like the thrill of being just feet away from a live alligator in his (or her) own habitat. Here at Broward County’s Everglades Holiday Park you’ll get up close and personal with gators in a safe, comfortable and natural way.

Gator Boys Alligator Rescue

Have confidence in knowing that all of the alligators featured at Everglades Holiday Park are natural inhabitants of the Everglades or rescue animals. We have nothing but respect and pure love for these animals and the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue is an important part of our park. We’re proud and honored to provide a home for these incredible animals.


Gator Shows

7 Days a Week, 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Join us for a thrilling and educational alligator presentation in our world
famous pit – home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue!

For park information, call 954-434-8111

All tickets include an exciting airboat tour & educational gator show after your tour.

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