The Gator Boys Live to Rescue

The Gator Boys Live to Rescue - Everglades Holiday Park

With jaws that contain nearly 3,500 pounds of crushing power, reaching up to 15 feet long and weighing almost 1,000 pounds, alligators are not an animal anyone wants to come into contact with.

For thousands of years, these reptiles ruled the land as one of the most ferocious predators in Florida, and they continue to battle with man over territorial rights. Unfortunately for Floridians, alligator sightings are quite common, especially in vicinities close to the Everglades. It is no surprise when residents find an alligator in their backyard or on canal banks near their home, since alligators frequently wander away from their inhabited terrain. When Floridians find themselves in close quarters with these dangerous local natives, they call Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, the Gator Boys Alligator rescue team to come save the day.

The Gator Boys are masters at handling South Florida wildlife, with expert skills ranging from snake wrangling to alligator wrestling. The team is very familiar with the animals of South Florida, growing up with experience in face-to-face encounters with alligators. While these animals present a serious safety hazard to South Florida residents and their pets, competitive hunters and trappers are a threat to their lives, hunting alligators for personal profit.

Gator Boys Alligator rescue not only saves Floridians from dangerous encounters, but also helps to protect South Florida’s gators and crocodiles from being hunted. Once they rescue nuisance gators, the Gator Boys provide them with a safe place to eat and live, and eventually return them to a more suitable, safe, and healthy environment; many of which can be seen during an Everglades airboat tour.

Much of the action takes place at Everglades Holiday Park, where the Gator Boys bring visitors up close to these powerful creatures, but the Gator Boys Alligator rescue has had to deal with massive gators invading resident’s backyards, swimming pools, garages, and even their bedrooms. For years, the Everglades Gator Boys have been risking serious injury for the sake of protecting both the people and the wildlife of South Florida. Be sure to check out a Gator Boy show and see gators in their natural habitat during an Everglades airboat tour.

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