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Rent and Everglades Boat - Everglades Holiday Park

South Florida is comprised predominantly of wetlands – swamps, marshes, lakes, rivers and streams leading to the coast, surrounded by wet grasslands and mangroves that house some of the most unique wildlife on the planet. To consider going to the Everglades without renting a boat is to consider missing out on nearly everything that the park has to offer. Would you venture deep into the wilderness without a four wheel drive vehicle to get you where you need to go? Likely not, so why would you approach the wet lands on a sight seeing journey without a boat? Curious as to what your options are, and what you can do with them? Allow us to lay it all out for you!

Rent a Boat on the Coast

South Florida is famous for its pristine beaches and beautiful coast lines, so don't miss out on an experience to explore that side of the Everglades as well! The coast of Florida is a fisherman's dream with fish that are a thrill to catch and tasty to devour. The sightseer will be happy with the landscape – to take in the sights, smells, and wind on the water. Birds, unique species of fish and other animals abound on the coast. If you're interested in fishing only, consider renting a boat and hiring a guide to go with you. Locals will help instruct you on where to go to make the most of your experience!

Rent a Boat on Freshwater

The freshwater areas are vast and plentiful, also great for fishing and sightseeing. A different kind of wildlife can be found here – birds, reptiles, gators and other animals are unique and a thrill to come across! Gators can be spotted sunbathing on logs and on the shores of rivers and some lakes, and snakes can be found swimming along the streams and in and out of creek beds. Fish the lakes, rivers, creeks and swamps for bass and brim, catfish and other indigenous species. Spots on Lake Okeechobee are swimming with massive fish that are great for pulling in for sport or for dinner. Similar to saltwater fishing, always keep in mind that renting a boat and hiring a guide is a legitimate proposition for freshwater fishing as well. A guide who's lived in and around the Everglades most of his life will take you to the fishing holes that nobody else knows about, as long as you have a boat to get there.

Rent an Airboat in the Everglades

Perhaps the best way to see the Everglades is from an airboat. These flat bottomed boats skid across flat waters, and may be propelled by air up to 60 miles per hour! Though licenses and certifications are required to drive them, boats are rentable with a driver, and are certainly no waste of money. On an airboat, you can traverse the wet lands – zipping down streams, through swamps and creeks and up rivers, winding in and out of the eco-systems and mangroves that surround the waters. You'll see more wildlife this way, as the airboat permits greater access to the heart of the Everglades, access that isn't possible by regular boat, by car, by foot or by quad. Air boats are rentable through Everglades Holiday Park; you can reserve an entire boat for your group, opt for one of the park's airboat tours that ends with a gator show, or rent a smaller, private air boat for you and your family.

The Airboat Tour

If you opt for the airboat tour through Everglades Holiday Park, you'll have access to the heart of the Everglades, as we take you down Alligator Alley, where you'll see gators and other unique wildlife in plenty. Each tour is one hour long, and after you dock we'll take you to our gator show, where your gator tour will launch to the next level as you're allowed to get really up close and personal. Our gator shows are educational, fun, funny, interesting, and great for the whole family. Not only will you hear from passionate professionals on the primitive species, but you'll have an opportunity to see stunts and tricks, and even hold a baby alligator yourself. All of this comes included when you rent an airboat for your Everglades Holiday Park airboat tour!

So, it really is a no brainer – if you venture down to South Florida to visit the Everglades, you're doing yourself a major disservice to forgo a boat rental. Explore the coastal waters with a salt water boat, skim the waters of the rivers and lakes with a fresh water skiff, and zip across the wetlands and swamps with an airboat... you won't regret it when you walk away having had the experience of a lifetime!

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