Super Easy and Fun Kids Birthday Parties

kids birthday parties | everglades holiday parkKids grow up fast, and whether it’s your first-born or your seventh, kids birthday parties are always a lot of fun. But if you want to plan something extraordinary this year and you’re struggling to think of an activity that’s not only creative, but safe and exciting, here’s some great news. South Florida weather makes it easy for parents to plan outdoor activities, and for parties, outdoors is always a winner. But if you really want to show your kids an unforgettable adventure, nothing compares to face-to-face wildlife encounters and a fast boat ride. Here’s what you can expect from kids birthday parties at Everglades Holiday Park.

The Best Kids Birthday Parties Have Them Laughing and Learning

Parents dream of finding that perfect activity- you know the one, where fun is coupled with education. Everglades Holiday Park knows exactly how to keep them entertained while reinforcing important conservation concepts about the wetlands and its inhabitants. A popular and well-loved attraction in Fort Lauderdale, the park has mastered the art of combining exciting outdoor wildlife exploration with learning. For kids birthday parties, it’s the perfect recipe for fun. Big kids and little ones too, delight in seeing alligators, tropical snakes, fish and more all from the safety of a comfortable airboat. Plus, airboat rides are hour long journeys, narrated by expert captains who share fun stories, facts and more.

Live Gator Shows

A fun filled day, kids birthday parties at Everglades Holiday Park are unlike any other adventure. Gliding across a river of grass at speeds topping 60 miles an hour is awesome for sure, but the fun continues even after the tour is over. Rides are followed by live gator shows in our world famous “Gator Pit”. But here’s the best part. Guess who performs for the kids? The dynamic Gator Boys Alligator Rescue from Animal Planet’s hit show! It’s true, many of the episodes are filmed right here at the park, and someone from the show is always on site to perform for the crowd. Kids go crazy for the stars of the show and parents enjoy watching their faces light up as they witness daring stunts, tricks and learn about Florida’s ancestral dinosaur- the American Alligator.

Take In Lunch, Cake and Gifts Under Our Shaded Pavilion

Everglades Holiday Park offers spectacular scenery and with an on-site pavilion, plenty of grass and shaded Banyan trees for mom and dad, kids birthday parties at the park are as easy and convenient as can be. Host a party with food from our fully stocked deli, or bring a lunch to enjoy on our gorgeous grounds. Available for rent, the pavilion is the ideal spot to open gifts, organize lunch and serve cake. With awe-inspiring scenery, a healthy, relaxed environment and plenty of fresh air, kids birthday parties at Everglades Holiday Park are a win-win for you and the kids. Why stress over planning the perfect kids birthday parties when Everglades Holiday Park is your easy, convenient solution for fun. Conveniently located right here in Fort Lauderdale, plan a day they’ll never forget with wildlife encounters, thrilling airboat rides and birthday memories they’ll treasure forever.   This entry was posted in Everglades Holiday Park Blog, on .