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Corporate Fun at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

corporate events in Fort Lauderdale at Everglades Holiday Park

For many modern organizations, being competitive and out in front means finding new ways to keep your employees motivated, engaged, and energized. Everglades boat tours are a practical way to help front-line workers and executive leaders maximize productivity. The right event can lead to a more productive workforce, promote confidence, and even instill creativity. If your business is considering corporate events in Fort Lauderdale, here’s how Everglades Holiday Park and an Everglades tour can exceed your expectations by exciting and inspiring your team with a fantastic day retreat they’ll remember for years.

Encourage Team Building with a Narrated Group Tour

Fort Lauderdale and Miami airboat tours have one thing in common- the magnificent Florida weather. Why not take advantage of the opportunities provided by the sunshine state by partaking in exhilarating group airboat toursand private airboat tours through the Everglades? Imagine gliding across a river of grass on a state-of-the-art vessel at top speeds. That’s only part of your adventure at an Everglades excursionbecause every incredible 60-minute tour is followed by a live alligator presentation in the world-famous “Gator Pit” here at the park.

Journey through miles of tropical wetlands and encounter alligators, massive snakes, gorgeous wading birds, and more around every corner aboard our Everglades National Park airboat tours. Visitors on an Everglades boat enjoy the state’s most exciting natural attraction as a team, promoting unity and giving subordinates the rare chance to bond with executive leaders in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Contact us today to learn more about our Everglades National Park boat tours and other Everglades tours.

Inspire Collaboration and Creativity With Corporate Events in Fort Lauderdale

What’s more inspiring than nature untouched and pristine? Not much, and that’s exactly why Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect locale for effective corporate events in Fort Lauderdale. With a pavilion capable of seating 75 easily, presentations, speeches, and seminars become instantly memorable. With a natural serenity that’s difficult to replicate, the Everglades environment is the catalyst for creativity and innovation.

Add a Little Fun to the Mix at Everglades Holiday Park

All work and no play? Not at Everglades Holiday Park! Corporate events in Fort Lauderdale don’t have to be boring and dry, and that’s the Everglades Holiday Park difference. Every visit includes an adrenalin-charged live gator show performed by Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys”. Live gator shows are extraordinary to watch, and a great way to show your team how to let loose and have fun. They’ll even get to hold a baby alligator!

When it’s time to coordinate a meaningful and inspiring corporate event in Fort Lauderdale, consider Everglades Holiday Park. With exciting 60-minute, narrated tours, live alligator shows and the ideal setting for promoting inspiration, Everglades Holiday Park is tough to beat.

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