Floridians Speak Out For Everglades Restoration

Everglades restoration

Wildlife enthusiasts and native Floridians rejoice! $120 million dollars for Florida Everglades restoration projects may be coming our way according to the President's 2016 budget plan. The proposed plan calls for nearly double the dollar amount of last year's spending to protect America's wetlands. While the administration's budget still needs to pass both houses of Congress, lawmakers and Florida residents are in agreement that the budget is a good start.

The Florida Everglades: A Way of Life for Many

What is it about the Florida Everglades that sparks such advocacy? With incredible imagery, scores of interesting wildlife and unique vegetation, adventurous families, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts come from all over to experience the state's most exciting natural resource in person. Restoring the wetlands and protecting its inhabitants is an important priority for sure, but it's also ensuring a way of life for locals and tourists. Cruising through the "River of Grass" andspying on gators from an airboat are not only exciting activities, but also, once in a lifetime educational opportunities folks treasure. With live gator shows, unparalleled fishing and more, the Florida Everglades is truly spectacular.

Floridians Rise in Support of the Florida Everglades

In November, Floridians showed up to the polls to vote "yes" on Amendment I. The result? Up to a third of the state's excise tax revenue is now assignedto Florida Everglades restoration. The funds are now guaranteed by the state constitution, and that's good news for everyone. Governor Scott also expressed concern for the Everglades, projecting $5 billion in funding over the next 20 years. If the Governor's budget passes, some of these projects will begin this year- up to $150 million worth. It looks as if Floridians have rose to the occasion, and if the money is used responsibly, we may see the Florida Everglades return to its natural state sooner rather than later.

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