Fishing the Everglades in Florida

Fishing of Everglades in Florida

Fishing of the Everglades in Florida

Once you decide on finally taking that trip to the Everglades in Florida, whether you’re visitor from out of state or just down the road, the opportunities are endless. For many however, the incredible fishing at Everglades Holiday Park scratches an itch that is too good to pass up. Our waters have long been known to host some of the best largemouth bass fishing in the whole world, with contests regularly being held here. No matter your level of experience, fishing in the Everglades is sure to be a blast!

Everglades Holiday Park offers everything you might need to get your fishing trip going in full swing. If you have a fishing boat, bring her to our docks and launch into the miles of wetlands that we call the River of Grass. If not, don’t worry! We offer fishing boat rentals as well as boating licenses on site. You can show up to with no gear at all and still have a great day of fishing in the Everglades in Florida as our general store has bait, rods, hooks, sinkers and anything else you might need to catch the big one!

More Adventure at Everglades Holiday Park Florida

Whether you need a warm up before your fishing adventure, or don’t want the fun to end, Everglades Holiday Park has plenty of fun ways to spend your time. From watching the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue perform their daring alligator stunts to viewing exotic animal exhibits, there’s not a thing that you’ll be willing to miss. Animal Encounters at the park allow you to come right up next to and even hold various Everglades creatures, and you can even snap a photo holding a baby alligator or huge snake! Airboat tours through the wetlands are another Everglades favorite, and a can’t miss for the kids and nature lovers of the group! Safe for all ages, these rides are sure to thrill and educate guests of all ages. Ready to start your adventure at Everglades Holiday Park in Florida? Visit our tickets page and reserve your ride on the wild side today!

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