Everglades Holiday Park Has Everything You Need to Fish the Everglades

 Everglades Holiday Park Has Everything You Need to Fish the Everglades

The Everglades is a 1.5-million-acre tropical wetland that protects thousands of endangered species, so many visitors are unsure whether they can fish the surrounding waters. Everglades Holiday Park has good news: fishing is allowed in the Everglades, and it is one of the most ideal places on earth to reel in some big fish.

This massive river of grass is thriving with all kinds of exotic wildlife – thousands of different fish, birds, alligators, crocodiles, raccoons, deer, panthers, and countless other creatures. The fish of the Everglades play a vital role in sustaining the overall health of the Everglades, and you’ll see plenty of them on your Everglades tour. The productive estuaries within the diverse range of ecosystems provide a world-class spot for fisherman. For those who love nothing more than reeling in big fish, the waterways of the Everglades are ripe with opportunity.

It can be difficult to fish the Everglades without a boat, since fishing from the shore is very limited. For those who want to venture out into the beautiful wetlands and reel in some of the Everglades biggest fish, our park offers boat rentals and fishing equipment for your convenience.

Everglades Holiday Park makes it easy to fish the Everglades, no matter if you are a seasoned professional or new to the sport. Our 14-foot Jon boats are well-maintained and fully equipped to safely navigate through each terrain the waters present. We offer boat rentals for those hoping to tour the Everglades on their own terms, and professionally guided fishing trips for those who prefer some professional direction. On our guided trips, the boat, rods, and artificial bait are included. If you are fishing on your own, our bait and tackle shop provides fishing pole rentals and live shiners. Not to worry if you didn’t come with beer or food to munch on – we’ve got you covered with tasty beverages and all types of snacks from our general store.

What kind of fish can you expect to see when you tour the Everglades?

When you rent one of our 14-foot Jon boats and embark on your very own Everglades tour, you can expect to see fish such as largemouth bass, bluegill, and many other types of fish. While fishing in the Everglades is allowed, there are fishing regulations of which you are encouraged to review before your trip.

Whether you are a South Florida local or just spending your vacation days in the Sunshine State, Everglades Holiday Park has all the equipment you’ll need to spend a fun day out on the water fishing.

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