What Wildlife Is There to See In the Everglades?

wildlife in the Everglades - purple ganuille

Florida has something no other state has - the Everglades. Recognized internationally as a "wetland of significance", the Florida Everglades is home to some of the most extraordinary vegetation and wildlife in the world. With many endangered animals, viewing wildlife in the Everglades is a treat for all ages. Incredible alligators and tropical birds are fun to see and families, professional photographers and nature enthusiasts come from all over to pay homage to the unique flora and fauna. If you're curious about wildlife in the Everglades and wondering what there is to see, here's some great information.

Bring on the Reptiles!

American alligators are everywhere in the Everglades, and one of the most exciting creatures to meet in person. A Floridian icon, life in the sunshine state wouldn't be the same without a few gator sightings. But when you want to see scores of them lounging in the sun or slipping through the water, a journey through the wetlands will never let you down. The easiest way to see alligators and other wildlife in the Everglades is to take an airboat tour. Hour long tours put you front can center with all kinds of cool sights - and from the comfort of a state-of-the-art boat. In addition to the gators, the Everglades is also home to crocodiles, snakes, lizards and a few more slithery creatures. Imagine catching sight of a Rattlesnake close enough to touch?

A Bird Enthusiast's Playground

Bird lovers can't say enough about the selection of gorgeous birds in the Everglades. Whether you're six or sixty, birds and active wildlife in the Everglades are a thrill to watch. Roseate Spoonbills, Cormorants, Herons, Egrets, and Ibises are plentiful in the 'glades. With an impressive wingspan, it's tough to miss the majestic Osprey in flight. And when the Roseate Spoonbill makes an appearance, bright pink plumage lights up the sky. Everglades wading bird population has been in decline for a few years, but there are still plenty of fun and unusual birds to make a visit well worth the trip.

More Wildlife In the Everglades

A narrated tour offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and greet with all kinds of incredible wildlife in the Everglades. An experience to remember, each trip is unique, and that's the beauty of exploring the area - you never know what you'll see next! Raccoon families often roam the shoreline, baby possums play in the water and high-spirited rabbits are always hopping about. Of course, with tons of wildlife in the Everglades, a day trip through the ecosystem is always exciting.

Whether you're looking for a unique adventure for the kids, you're excited to capture some extraordinary images on film or you simply want to escape the hustle and bustle with a trek into nature, the Everglades is the solution. With a skilled airboat captain to lead the way, visiting with amazing wildlife in the Everglades is easier than ever.

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