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Where Does Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours Get It's Gators?

 How Does EHP Get It’s Gators?

Spending a day at Everglades Holiday Park means adventure at every turn. From zipping across the winding waterways, to coming up close to American Alligators, and even petting and holding our exotic wildlife - there’s no shortage of excitement on our grounds.

Although our visitors get the chance to see American Alligators in their natural habitat on our airboat tours, they can also watch our live gator shows for an even closer look at these giant aquatic reptiles. With a gator pit that holds up to 20 giant gators at once, many people are left wondering how exactly we obtained so many alligators at our park.

Almost all alligators at our South Florida alligator park have been donated or rescued. On our 29-acre wildlife preserve, we take protecting our environment very seriously. Since alligators are native to Florida, they can sometimes be found in roadside canals or even in residential neighborhoods. This can be a danger to both the alligators themselves, and to the people in the surrounding area. On a Everglades excursion, our team rescues these gators to ensure they are swiftly brought back to a safer environment where they can grow and live in peace with other alligators.

Since Everglades Holiday Park has a well-known reputation of caring for the environment and wildlife, some of our alligators have been donated to us from other organizations. Our animal experts have years of training and experience in handling all sorts of wildlife, which is why Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect spot for “nuisance” or lost alligators to take shelter. A few of our animals have been raised in captivity, such as our baby albino alligator, because of its rarity.

For a chance to get up-close and personal with our wildlife, check out our live gator show at Everglades Holiday Park. Our Everglades National Park airboat tours also are a great way to explore nature! Call today and book your tour of our South Florida Alligator park!

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