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Nonnative Plants Threaten Native Plants in the Everglades

Nonnative Plants Threaten Native Plants in the Everglades - Everglades Holiday Park

The Everglades is home to various ecosystems, providing optimal growing conditions for thousands of different trees, plants, and flowers. This vegetation has played a key role for thousands of years, providing not only food, but also shelter for the animals that inhabit the Everglades. Plants native to the Everglades contribute to the food chain, help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, provide fiber, and sustain life throughout this 1.5-million-acre wilderness.

Though it may seem harmless at first, exotic plants invading the Everglades can cause very harmful effects to the ecosystems within. After direct habitat destruction, invasions of nonnative plants are the second greatest threat to native species. When plants are brought to the Everglades, they are brought out of their historical natural range, but will continue to try to direct the natural life of its surrounding organisms. Nonnative plants can radically alter the natural soil chemistry, amount of light, and temperature of the area it invades. Not to mention, chemicals in the plant can destroy the growth of other plants native to the Everglades, which have been serving a vital role for years. Nonnative plants can also smother large areas, disrupt natural water flow, and serve as a platform for fire to travel through the Everglades. Once these exotic plants invade the Everglades, their seeds spread and continue to create problems which harm the ecosystems and effect the marine and wildlife.

The importance of plants native to the Everglades is a crucial aspect that Everglades airboat tours always take into consideration. The benefit of Everglades National Park airboat tours is that they glide over the terrain, making sure to not harm plants native to the Everglades. Everglades Holiday Park works to preserve the plants that are native to the area; to keep them alive, thriving, and beautifully working for our planet and atmosphere.

Everglades National Park takes the threat of nonnative plants in the Everglades very seriously. Learn more about the importance of plants native to the Everglades and how you can help combat this issue on your tour of Everglades Holiday Park.

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