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Exotic Wildlife at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Exotic Wildlife at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

The Florida Everglades is the largest subtropical wetland, spanning from central Florida all the way down to Florida Bay. This 1.5-million-acre river of grass is an unparalleled landscape in terms of diverse terrain and ecosystems, all working in harmony to create a thriving home for thousands of different creatures. At Everglades airboat tour, we have the privilege of viewing these animals in their natural habitat thanks to our Everglades boat tours.

The Everglades is comprised of thousands of lakes, aquifers, sawgrass prairies, mangroves, freshwater sloughs, hardwood hammocks, pinelands, and swamps. Each of these varying landscapes work together to provide balanced ecosystems that support and sustain life in the Everglades so that our Everglades tours are possible.

An Everglades tour with our experienced airboat captains will bring you face-to-face with South Florida’s exotic wildlife, including everyone’s favorite, the American alligator. We offer group airboat tours and private airboat tours. On an Everglades tour, you’ll cruise around the wetlands and get a chance to check out many different types of animals in their natural habitat – hunting, breeding, relaxing, and raising their offspring. There is no better way to authentically see and experience Florida wildlife than to view these fascinating animals in their native ecosystem.

What kind of animals live within the Everglades? The Everglades is home to many different animals, on land and underwater. There are amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles, all living together.

Mammals: Over 40 different mammal species call the Everglades their home. There are white-tailed deer, bobcats, rabbits, skunks, raccoons, opossums, fox, and of course, the Florida Panther.

Birds: Expect to see anhinga, osprey, duck, geese, hummingbirds, nighthawks, gulls, eagles, herons, egrets, ibis, doves, hawks, and cranes flying all around, or perched within the branches during your Everglades tour.

Aquatic life: Aquatic life in the Everglades includes fish, reptiles, and some mammals. These are better seen aboard an Everglades boat. The Everglades is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators coexist on Everglades National Park airboat tours. You can also find manatees, snakes, turtles, catfish, sunfish, shiner, bass, and gar.

For an authentic airboat tour in South Florida, Everglades Holiday Park is the best place to go. Different animals respond differently to certain weather conditions, so your experience will vary each time. However, no matter the time of year, you can expect to catch a glimpse of American alligators, fish, and various kinds of birds on your Everglades tour.

For the most authentic wildlife experience in South Florida, come on down to Everglades Holiday Park and book your Everglades National Park boat tours or Miami airboat tours today!

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