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Wetlands Fishing at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

 Bass Fishing in the Florida Everglades

The Everglades is composed of thousands of mangroves and winding waterways that are home to a wide variety of birds, alligators, amphibians, mammals, and fish. Since the wetlands within Everglades National Park are home to so many exotic and endangered animals, conservationists and experts at Everglades Holiday Park hard to ensure they are kept safe, so they can live in peace and harmony, making it a prime destination for Miami airboat tours.

One exception that Everglades National Park does make, however, is fishing. Fishing is allowed in the Everglades, which is abundant in fish like snook, tarpon, snapper, and bass. In fact, the Florida Everglades is one of the top fishing destinations in the world.

The waters around Everglades Holiday Park are thriving with fish of all shapes and sizes. Our experts at Everglades Holiday Park know the lay of the land both above and underwater, so they’ve compiled their vast knowledge on the Everglades to lend some helpful tips for fishing in the Everglades, especially for the area near Everglades Holiday Park. You could check it our for yourself on group airboat tours and private airboat tours.

• The water levels drop during the dry season, which makes it impossible for fish to inhabit certain areas. Because of this, they are forced into more concentrated areas, which could make fishing easier. On the other hand, during the summer seasons, the fish are in abundance – so there’s really no bad time to go fishing in the Everglades.

• Fish tend to be more aggressive in “mushier”, thicker areas of the Everglades, so you’ll need heavier rods and tougher lines to lure these fish in.

• The Everglades is a great spot to find large fish like bass that respond well to large shiners and attractor beads, so our fishing experts recommend using these to reel the biggest fish in! Whether you’re fishing with some of South Florida’s top anglers or just hoping to cast some lines on a relaxing sunny afternoon, Everglades Holiday Park has all the gear you need for fishing in the Everglades.Contact us today to learn more about our Everglades boat rentals.

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