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Ecosystem Protection at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

everglades conservation

There are few landmasses in the United States as extraordinary as the Florida Everglades. A unique wetland ecosystem spanning 18,000 square miles, the Everglades is truly spectacular. It's also home to scores of plants and animals, many threatened or endangered. In addition to its natural charm, the Florida Everglades provides millions of South Florida residents with fresh drinking water, and is an incredible resource for the state. Why is the ecosystem protected and is the ongoing Everglades conservation effort improving America's wetland? Here's some information about the Florida Everglades conservation efforts and how they contribute to the lives of many. Continue reading below to learn more from our Everglades airboat tour business.

The Florida Everglades: Declining Health

Decades ago, the Florida Everglades covered 11 million acres. Throughout the years however, drainage projects and land conservation efforts have had a negative impact, decreasing its size to just over 2 million acres. Today, both artificial and natural threats impact the health of the Everglades. Fire, extreme weather, pollution, land development and coastal flooding projects play roles, making the preservation effort even more important.

The Everglades Conservation Effort Continues

Over the years scientists, biologists and environmentalists began to recognize that many plants and animals rely on the Everglades ecosystem for survival. Therefore, restoring the area became a top priority so that people could still go on Everglades excursions . In 2000, Congress passed the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), the largest ecosystem restoration project in America. Experts anticipate the project could take thirty or more years to complete, but the goal of protecting, improving and restoring the state's largest natural resource is critical. A wide range of supporters, both public and private, advocate for the Florida Everglades conservation and preservation efforts. 

A Family Friendly Attraction - The Florida Everglades

Millions of families visit the Florida Everglades each year. Some come to enjoy the peaceful serenity of the Glades or to experience wildlife in a natural habitat, rather than from behind cages like at the zoo. Others rely on the Florida Everglades to provide them artistic inspiration. For photographers, unique flora and fauna create a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture nature on film. Adventurous families explore the wetlands by airboat as tour guides point out alligators and other amazing sites. With live alligator presentations, face-to-face animal encounters, Everglades boat tours, group airboat tours, private airboat tours and more, the Florida Everglades is easily one of the most exciting locations in America.

With exciting airboat tours, adrenaline-charged, live gator shows and more, Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect place for adventure, laughter and an unforgettable day of fun in the Florida sun.

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