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Renting a Fishing Boat at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Everglades boat

When visiting Florida, the top most tourist attraction is Everglades Holiday Park. It is the biggest subtropical wilderness in the entire United States and attracts over a million visitors every year. This wondrous park preserves the natural tropical wildlife that dwells in the southern region of the state of Florida. From a multitude of perspectives, exploring the natural beauty of the park and renting an Everglades boat provides a more than memorable experience.

Rent a Fishing Boat at Everglades Park

One of the unique features of Everglades Holiday Park is its enigmatic marine wildlife. Since one-third of its region is covered with water, it inhabits a diverse range of aquatic species - most of which is only found in Southern Florida. Hence, expert anglers and fishing enthusiasts ought to come to Everglades.

Everglades Holiday Park is one such place that offers different fishing opportunities for people from outside the town as well as for regular Florida folks. From ponds, lakes to shorelines, you can experience fishing in all types of fishing spots. Here you can rent a fishing boat for catching fish in freshwater and take home an ample amount of freshwater bass fish, bluegill, sea trout, redfish and even snapper which is found in abundance in the grassy wetlands. The different types of fishing spots in the park include Flamingo Camping Area with saltwater, Sisal Pond, Pine Glade Pond, Sweet Bay Pond and Ficus Pond with freshwater and Nine Mile Pond and West Lake with brackish water.

Renting Everglades boats for fishing at Everglades Holiday Park is reasonable and affordable. You'll not only need the boat, but you also need the rod, the bait and guidance, all of which can be gotten with the boat you rent at Everglades Holiday Park. While seasonal anglers choose to fish on their own, it isn’t necessary to have prior fishing experience and knowledge to catch fish in this park. We provide all the amenities and guidance to the newbies with guided fishing tours. Families bring their children to acquaint them with fishing and celebrate the joy of catching their first ‘big’ fish.

The type of boat that is available at this park is the Jon boat which is 14 ft. in length. A number of these well-maintained boats are available on the dock. With a Yamaha engine, there is hardly a chance that you'll have trouble finding some good bass fishing South Florida. Another great thing about fishing in this park is that it provides with all the supplies you need to fuel up yourself for the day long activity.

If you are not into fishing but are a nature lover, you can still rent an Everglades boat to tour around the region. The grassy wetlands, the different freshwater ponds and lakes and coastal areas that occupy a major portion of the Holiday Park are just more reasons to rent an Everglade boat and discover the preserved wildlife. Every time you visit Everglades Holiday Park, you will get a different experience of voyaging in a rented Everglades boat.

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