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Wetland Tourism at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Florida Everglades

When people think of Florida, they often picture a swampy, sunny terrain filled with unique wildlife and Everglades boat tours. Even when visiting the world-famous theme parks in the area, tourists often anticipate seeing one of Florida’s most beloved mascots: the alligator. While alligators can be found all over the state, they can be a rare sight outside of the water. A visit to the Florida Everglades; however, is more than an opportunity to see an alligator in the wild. It is an opportunity to see a pristine stretch of Florida that is unrivaled by any other area in the world thanks to group airboat tours and private airboat tours.

What Are the Everglades?

The Everglades is a large section of wetlands that is home to several unique species of birds, reptiles, and fish. While a lot of the area is grassy, slow-moving rivers and sawgrass marshes create a diverse ecosystem. The entire area spans 734 miles or 1.5 million acres. These are easily seen at our Everglades excursions or Miami airboat tours.

While you may see the occasional building, most of the Everglades is undeveloped and ripe for Everglades boat rides. Some parks and attractions are located in the area, such as Everglades National Park airboat tours; however, most of the area is part of the wetlands preserve. This allows for several endangered species, such as the leatherback turtle and West Indian manatee, to find permanent homes.

Where are the Everglades?

Because most tourists visit Central Florida, Miami or the major cities surrounding the coast, they often don’t see the Everglades on their maps. The Everglades are located in the southern tip of Florida, stretching from the Florida Keys to just outside of Boca Raton. On the West Coast, the Everglades stretches to Marco Island.

One of the best parts about visiting the Everglades Florida is that the area is close to most tourist destinations. While the southern coast is about 5 or 6 hours from Orlando, the inland portions of the preserve can be reached in about 3 hours. Those visiting Miami or Naples can expect less than a 1-hour drive. This makes it easy to incorporate Everglades tours into your vacation.

How to Enjoy the Everglades in Florida

Most of the activities found in the Everglades center around visitors connecting with nature. Guided tours are very popular, as seasoned guides know all of the best spots to see rare wildlife. Airboat tours are also available for those who want something more than a standard walking tour.

While the Everglades Florida is a preserve, fishing is permitted in many different areas. The diverse waterways and smaller crowds make it easy to find large species like snapper, catfish, bass, and redfish. Saltwater fishing is also available in some areas, allowing tourists to catch many different species of fish.

Before you rent a boat or set out on your own walking tour, you should observe the Everglades facts in the area that you have chosen. For example, fishing in Florida Bay will be much different than fishing inland. Learning the facts about the area from a guide can help you understand what to expect in this large area.

Why Include the Everglades FL in Your Trip?

Every trip to the Everglades FL is one of a kind. If you are visiting to observe the wildlife or go fishing, each trip will be a little different. While you may see an alligator each time you visit, it isn’t always going to be in the same spot or doing the same thing. Each trip to the Everglades is an adventure, especially if you go on an Everglades airboat tour.

Another reason that every tourist should include a trip to the Everglades during the Florida vacation is that there is no other place like it on the planet. Part of the reason the Everglades are protected is that it has a unique ecosystem and is a good place for an interesting Everglades tour. It isn’t just a place to see alligators; a mix of endangered animals and pristine landscape make it truly unique. You could see all of this through Everglades National Park boat tours

Visiting the Everglades in Florida can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your family. Choose from a variety of different activities and tours. To learn more about great ways to connect with nature in the Everglades, please contact us today. We will be happy to help give you some ideas for your next vacation.

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