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Join Us for September’s Environmental Awareness Month

Join September’s Environmental Awareness Month with EHP

To some, the start of September means the beginning of football season, or time to go back to school. For conservationists, scientists, and the team at Everglades Holiday Park, it means environmental awareness.

All around the world, the month of September marks holidays that promote the protection and conservation of the natural environment, including all sorts of landscapes; woods, rivers, the ocean, and of course the Everglades. With an aim on nearly each day of the month, Everglades Holiday Park will be sure to take part in both the promotion of environmental awareness, as well as protective efforts to ensure both the animals and land that make up the Everglades are maintained with integrity, every day.

Major initiatives that are celebrated throughout the month include:

All throughout September: Biodiversity Month. Biodiversity month is held in September each year, and promotes the importance of protecting, conserving, and maintain biodiversity within various landscapes across the world.

First Week of September – Zero Waste Week. This week encourages community members to realize one thing: there’s no such place as “away” when you throw something away. It goes somewhere! And sometimes, that somewhere is the bottom of the ocean, or in the stomach of an animal. Zero Waste Week encourages everyone to reduce the amount of waste produced by reusing and repurposing products for longer life.

September 16 – International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This day was designated by the United Nations General Assembly, and is honored each year to slow down depletion of the ozone layer.

September 17th to September 19 – Clean Up the World. This cause works over 3 days to encourage communities all over the world to do something – anything to help clean up. This includes picking up trash, planting trees, cleaning local beaches or parks, conserving water, and increasing educational initiatives.

September 21st – Zero Emissions Day. The goal of this day is simple; no emissions for one whole day! Don’t use or burn oil, gas, or coal, and minimize use of electricity generated by fossil fuels.

September 22nd – World Car Free Day. This day encourages motorists worldwide to give up their cars for just one day, which promotes the improvement of mass transit, cycling, walking, and less general use of cars on the road which contribute to pollution in the air.

September 26th - World Environmental Health Day’s aim is to promote cooperation between countries that improves the environmental situation of our planet.

September 29th – FSC Friday. This day is celebrated by over 31 countries, increasing importance of the world’s forests, as well as responsible forest management, wood and paper sourcing.

With limitless opportunities during the month of September, everyone can join in on the efforts to protect and preserve our natural environment. The team at Everglades Holiday Park works every day to ensure our environmental impact is one that’s positive for the Everglades, and we can teach you how to do the same. Come join us for an airboat ride, and learn how you can help save our environment.

To learn more about Everglades Holiday Park’s conservation efforts click here.

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