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Endangered Animal Protection Laws

 New Protections for Endangered Animals

In early April, just in time for Earth Day, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed new wildlife protections for endangered animals. Under the new proposal, protections for the 300 animals currently listed would not change, however the policy could make a difference in the way future endangered animals are protected.

The draft rule would revise how the agency treats species considered at risk of endangerment under the Endangered Species Act. Instead of applying general protections for plants and animals that are at risk, the new rule would have tailored guidelines for each individual threatened species. This proposal is in response to the government’s belief that it can better protect at-risk plants and animals by creating specific rules for each one, as opposed to blanket rules for all.

These individual protections for plants and animals are expected to be highly beneficial for endangered species, however the only concern for conservation advocates is the potential backlog. Conservation advocates say the process of listing a species can already take upwards of a decade and noted developing species-specific protections could lengthen that process.

The Fish and Wildlife Service promises that if their new plan goes into effect, the rules for animals currently listed on the endangered species list would not be affected; thus, the animals’ protections would remain the same.

The government has added 14 species as threatened or endangered since early 2017, with the most recent listing of the Louisiana pine snake.

Everglades Holiday Park is a sanctuary for various plants and animals on the endangered species list. Touring our park allows visitors the opportunity to view these animals in their natural, undisturbed habitats. Our team works tirelessly to ensure we are protecting the Everglades and sustaining the life within it.

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