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Coral Snake Sightseeing on Everglades Airboat Tours

 Learn About Florida’s Coral Snake in the Everglades

An effective ecosystem is comprised of many parts, from the various terrain and water, down to the reptiles, fish, birds, bugs, and algae. Each part plays a vital role in sustaining the thriving life of the Everglades as we know it today. Continue reading below to learn more about coral snakes that you could see when you go on private airboat tours and group airboat tours.

When you visit Everglades Holiday Park for a one-of-a-kind Everglades tour, you are guaranteed to see some rare and fascinating wildlife, including one of the most unique creatures living within the river of grass; the Coral Snake.

Coral Snakes are small, slender, and brightly colored. While their patterns may vary, every Coral Snake has red bands surrounded by yellow bands. They are typically skinny, and many people have a hard time determining the head from the tail, which they use to their advantage. The Coral Snake has vivid colors and distinct characteristics that might not look threatening, however, it is important to know that this snake has the second strongest venom of any other snake on earth. Not to worry, bites from Coral Snakes are extremely rare, and you are always safe on an Everglades airboat tour with us.

Other snakes in the Everglades tend to disguise themselves as Coral Snakes by displaying similar body patterns, so a rhyme has been created to help distinguish a Coral Snake from other, less threatening snakes: “Red and yellow can kill a fellow; red and black, friend of Jack.”

On your Everglades tour, your experienced captains will point out the various animals living within the Everglades and teach you about how they live, cohabitate, and hunt. Coral Snakes tend to be reclusive, and prefer burrowing in marshy or wooded areas, but they are most often spotted in the spring and fall.

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