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When Is The Best Time of Year for Everglades Bass Fishing?

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Within the last few weeks you may have noticed more locals fishing in the canals of South Florida. If you’re wondering whether they’re in on a secret that you aren’t – the answer is yes. What many Sunshine State locals know is that right now is the best time for bass fishing in South Florida. The reason? Seasonal changes have caused the water levels to decrease within the interior of the Everglades, forcing large amounts of bass and other animals toward the canals that the Everglades feed into.

Although it is possible to catch bass in canals year-round, local fishermen swear by the ease with which they can catch a ton of fish during this lucky time of year. “Anybody can throw it and catch a fish”, says Everglades captain Alan Zaremba, who says there’s no such thing as a bad cast. Casting a line in the water this time of the year can also result in peacock bass, spotted sunfish, shellcrackers, speckled perch, and other kinds of fish.

Locals look forward to this influx of bass every year. The season typically ends when South Florida’s famous rainy summer season begins. This year, the rainy season isn’t expected to fully pick up until the end of May or the beginning of June, which will increase water levels once again.

This time of year is a great opportunity to introduce younger children to easy fishing, potentially getting them hooked on the sport. As The Miami Herald says, “Just get your lure somewhere on the water and chances are excellent that you’ll get a bite.”

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