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Animals in the Everglades - What You can See

Yellow bellied slider, just on of the amazing animals in the Everglades

Animals in the Everglades, photo credit Chris Gillette

The Florida Everglades is recognized worldwide as a wetland of international significance. With unique vegetation and extraordinary wildlife, including many that are endangered, the Everglades is a must-see when in the Sunshine State. Enormous alligators and beautiful tropical birds like the roseate spoonbill are fascinating to see in person, and people come from all over the world just to get a glimpse into this amazing ecosystem. If you’re wondering what kinds of animals you can see in the Everglades, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Exciting Reptiles

Alligators are easily the most anticipated animals in the Everglades, and boy are they exciting! Some gators grow as long as ten feet, and it’s a thrill to see them slither in the shallow, murky waters. Despite their reputation, alligators often keep to themselves, and it’s not unusual to see them lounging in the sun in groups. A narrated airboat tour through the Everglades is the best way to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures from the comfort and safety of a boat! The Everglades is also the only place in the world where Alligators and Crocodiles coexist. However, don’t discount snakes and lizards, because the ‘Glades is filled with these slithery creatures. Water moccasins, coral, and even rattlesnakes are just a few of the exciting animals in the Everglades.

Unparalleled Bird Watching

If you’re a bird lover, the Florida Everglades is definitely the place to be. While the wading bird population has been in decline in the area for the past several years, there are still plenty of incredible birds to make you smile. Cormorants, herons, egrets, and ibises are plentiful and it’s nearly impossible to visit without seeing at least a few long-legged wading birds cross your path. If you look up, you may see an osprey in flight. And if you’re lucky, you might also see a roseate spoonbill – recognizable by bright pink plumage.

More Animals In the Everglades

Everglades tours are loads of fun because each experience is completely different and you never know from one day to the next, which animals will be out and about. Maybe you’ll see a raccoon family going about their business, a pair of possums playing in the water or a few high-spirited rabbits hurrying along the shoreline. Of course, with tons of animals in the Everglades, journeying through the wetlands is always exciting. Whether you’re part of an adventurous family, an amateur photographer or just someone who enjoys nature, visiting with the animals in the Everglades is always enjoyable. South Florida’s Everglades is extraordinary, and easily the Sunshine State’s most exciting natural attraction.

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