Looking to Plan a Creative Corporate Event In Fort Lauderdale?

Corporate Event in Fort Lauderdale - Everglades Holiday Park

Experienced business professionals know better than most the benefits of creating a stress free environment for employees. After all, productivity improves when everyone works together successfully towards a common goal. Company sponsored events that promote team building increase focus, efficiency, and they're loads of fun. If you're looking for a creative venue to plan a corporate event in Fort Lauderdale, Everglades Holiday Park may be just the place. Here are a few reasons why a day trip to the park can motivate your team.

Create Excitement with Everglades Wildlife

In South Florida, wildlife is a part of everyday life. The sunshine state may be recognized for alligators, but we also have incredible wading birds, snakes, turtles and more. Expose the team to some creatures and let them have some fun with their colleagues. The office setting can be boring and dull, and a day taking in some sunshine and open air is an easy way to build rapport, strengthen relationships and relax. Plus, with awe-inspiring scenery, it's easy to let go of unhealthy stress that can create tension in the workplace.

Entertain Them With a Thrilling Airboat Ride and Live Gator Show

If you haven't experienced an Everglades airboat tour, this is one activity you simply must consider as part of a corporate event in Fort Lauderdale. Boating redefined, an airboat ride is nothing like cruising the Intracoastal and your team will likely appreciate the opportunity to let off some steam zipping across the "River of Grass". At Everglades Holiday Park, airboats are narrated by captains with intimate knowledge of the 'glades - they know exactly where to take the boat for the best sights. A once in a lifetime experience, tours are 60 minutes long -the perfect amount of time to sightsee before returning to the park for an exciting gator show starring the Gator Boys from Animal Planet.

An Unforgettable Corporate Event In Fort Lauderdale - Conclude with a Strategy Session Under the Pavilion

With a pavilion on site with capacity for up to 75 people, executives can host a slide presentation, brainstorming session or engage staff to create a completely new perspective. Everglades Holiday Park's pavilion makes planning the best corporate event in Fort Lauderdale easier than ever - and one to remember for years.

Fresh air and bright sunshine promotes a low stress, focused atmosphere where executives and their teams can exchange ideas, talk openly and relax. With impeccable scenery, thrilling adventures and a peacefulness that's only found in the Everglades, Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect spot for your next amazing corporate event in Fort Lauderdale.

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