Summer Family Fun - the South Florida Way


The Sunshine State is recognized for warm weather and sandy beaches. Creating summer family fun in South Florida is easy, and with wildlife encounters, speed boating and more, there's plenty to do. If fun is at the top of your list this summer, have you considered a family trip to the Everglades? Here's some information on what kind of summer family fun there is to be had in the Everglades - South Florida's most exciting natural attraction.

Zip Across the River of Grass Aboard an Airboat

Speed boating and summer family fun go hand in hand. If you're lucky enough to go boating often, you understand why it's a popular pastime However, if you haven't experienced an airboat ride, then you must try the coolest boats in South Florida. Airboats are fun because they don't have traditional engines, but are propelled by air - which can be loud, but incredibly fun! In the Everglades wetlands (where much of the water is shallow and murky) airboats are perfect, giving you the once-in-a lifetime opportunity to explore remote areas where most boats get stuck. See extraordinary things, meet Everglades wildlife and do it all from the convenience of a state-of-the-art vessel.

Take In a Live Alligator Presentation Featuring the Gator Boys

In Fort Lauderdale, Everglades Holiday Park is the official home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue Team - a talented crew of guys and gals who handle gators, best known for their appearance on Animal Planet's hit show. The park provides a home to many of the nuisance gators rescued on the show, and guests delight in the chance to see them perform live in the world famous "Gator Pit". Alligator shows are complementary with the price of an airboat ride and jam-packed with daring stunts, cool tricks and more. Summer family fun in South Florida always includes a few alligator shows, and this is one you don't want to miss.

Summer Family Fun - Get Up Close and Personal With Everglades Wildlife

The Florida Everglades is where you'll find one of the best collections of unusual wildlife. There are over 300 different bird species alone, as well as snakes, otters, lizards and of course, scores of alligators. One look around and it's easy to see why the Everglades is the topic of so much creative photography and art. Long legged wading birds like the blue heron or roseate spoonbill sit on shore while alligators skim the surface of the murky waters, many close enough to touch! At Everglades Holiday Park, summer family fun is all about taking narrated airboat tours and snapping pictures of incredible sights.

After an hour on the water, the summer family fun continues as you return to the park for a live gator show and even more wildlife. Join Gator Girl Ashley Lawrence at the Animal Encounters exhibit where you can pose for a picture with your favorite animal. Hold a tegu, boa, baby alligator and more.

Ready for summer family fun in South Florida? Why not consider a trip to the state's most incredible natural attraction - the Florida Everglades. Plan your day of adventure with airboats, gators and exciting wildlife at

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