Busting the Popular travel myth – “Alligators are Everywhere in Florida”

 Busting the Popular travel myth

If you are planning a trip to Florida for the first time, it’s likely you’ve heard the popular rumor about Florida - that alligators are roaming everywhere. While this state is home to the natural attraction that is the Everglades, there is a popular travel myth that you will see alligators everywhere you turn. Everglades Holiday Park’s team of Everglades wildlife experts can clear up some of the rumors: No, Alligators are not roaming all over the state, but plenty of them do live amongst us. Fortunately, there are ways you can safely explore alligators in their natural habitat, such as spending a day riding through the Everglades on an airboat tour and spotting various wildlife species for yourself. If you are heading to sunny Fort Lauderdale, book your Everglades excursions at our wildlife park and enjoy all that nature has to offer in the wetlands.

Where do Florida Alligators Live?

Alligators can be found in fresh bodies of water, which include lakes, rivers, and canals. You are most likely to see this reptile in water as they aren’t well-equipped to be on dry-land for a long time. They typically leave the water to sunbathe near the shore. There is a very high chance that any fresh body of water you come across such as a marsh, lake or swamp will have alligators in it as there are over 1 million gators in the state, however that does not mean you will see one on your vacation. Mating season occurs during April, May, and June and this is the time of the year that alligators are very active. They are very instinctive creatures and can mistake you as prey if you are physically swimming in a lake or pond.

Where is the best place to see Alligators?

If you are planning your trip down to South Florida and are excited to catch a glimpse of these rare reptiles, Everglades Holiday Park is the place to be. Our park offers adventurous airboat tours where you can take in the natural beauty of the Everglades and hopefully spot some gators sunbathing in their natural habitat. If you are a thrill seeker and are looking to get extra close to an alligator, Everglades Holiday Park offers a live animal encounter program that allows you to hold a baby gator with your bare hands. Of course, all of our excursions are safe and operated by highly-trained captains who know exactly how to handle alligators and other wildlife creatures in the ‘glades.

While it’s not guaranteed that your vacation to Florida will consist of wild alligator sightings everywhere you turn, the Everglades in Fort Lauderdale will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the wildlife culture and this is the best spot to find a gator or two. Book your adventurous Everglades Excursions with Everglades Holiday Park today and get ready to embrace the beauty of this natural attraction.

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