How to Boost Your Spirits In 60 Minutes

everglades airboat rides everglades holiday parkLike most people, you probably have your ups and downs. We all do, and finding activities to keep energized and feeling good can sometimes be a challenge. With hectic work schedules, family responsibilities and day-to-day stress, it’s tough to stay upbeat. Luckily, there’s an easy, convenient and super fun way to feed your soul and boost your spirits in 60 minutes. A visit to Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect way to step outside the noise of a busy life to enjoy some South Florida sunshine and wildlife. Easy, convenient fun, here’s what an hour in the Everglades can do for you.

Reclaim Your Wild Side

Climb aboard a state-of-the-art vessel for an airboat tour through the Everglades and get ready to see some of the most amazing creatures to walk the Earth. Florida’s ancestral dinosaur- the American Alligator is majestic and the first of many reptiles you’ll encounter on your tour. Gorgeous in person, watch an alligator glide gracefully through the “river of grass” and it’s nearly impossible not to smile from ear to ear. But keep your eyes peeled because there’s plenty more to see on your 60-minute retreat. How about a few tropical snakes, turtles and lizards to capture your attention? And don’t forget to look up, because if you’re lucky, you might catch an Eagle swooping down to steal a fish from an unsuspecting bird wading in the shallow water near your boat.

Work On Tan Lines, Not Deadlines

Get your sunglasses out and roll up those sleeves because one thing is certain - you’ll get plenty of warm, Florida sunshine. Isn't it time to work on those tan lines? Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as your airboat tops speeds close to 60 miles per hour across the wetlands. That’s energizing for sure, and the perfect way to soak up some of those rays. Worried about sunburn? Don’t be, because Everglades Holiday Park also has covered airboats in its fleet, and that means you can even bring the little ones without worrying about too much Florida heat.

Top Off Your Experience With An Exciting Alligator Show

You’re sure to feel refreshed and revitalized, but don’t discount the gator show after your tour ends. Each ticket at Everglades Holiday Park includes an informative and adrenalin-charged live show performed by the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team. These guys and gals of Animal Planet fame get in the world famous “Gator Pit” for a jaw-dropping display of tricks, stunts and of course a few silly jokes. Get front row seats to an amazing exhibition of alligator versus man, and leave with enormous respect and admiration for these amazing creatures and their handlers. Why let the humdrum of the workweek define who you are when you can get in touch with your wild side at Everglades Holiday Park? With an hour long, narrated tour, a live gator show and more smiles than you can pack in a few hours, it’s never been easier to feed your soul.   This entry was posted in Everglades Holiday Park Blog, on .