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Osceola Turkey Sightings at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Florida Wild Turkey

When most of us think turkey, chances are we envision the grocery store or a turkey farm where the selection is plentiful. Interestingly, the reason why we have so many turkeys to choose from is due in part to the Europeans, who were the first to introduce domesticated turkeys from Mexico to folks in the United States. Today, wild turkeys can be found in every state except Alaska, but those who inhabit the Everglades are unique for sure.

Osceola Turkey In Florida

The Wild Turkey in South Florida, also called the Osceola Turkey (from the famous Seminole Indian, Chief Osceola) flocked to the Everglades in search of Cypress swamps and a mild, tropical climate. An exceptional game bird, excessive hunting in the early 20th century caused the Osceola Turkey's numbers to decline, prompting the state to try to restore and re-establish a healthy population. Today, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation designates time throughout the fall for folks to hunt. There are an estimated 150,000 Wild Turkeys in the state.

Wild Turkeys found in the Everglades don’t resemble domesticated turkeys you might find on grocery store shelves. A more natural life yields a different quality of meat. They’re active for sure - most can run up to 25 miles per hour on land and many can fly even faster.

View Wildlife In a Natural Habitat

If viewing wildlife such as the Wild Turkey, alligators, and others is missing from your life, an Everglades airboat tour may be the perfect solution. Everglades flora and fauna are extraordinary, and it’s always a treat to journey through the wetlands on a Everglades airboat tour. Glide across the River of Grass at top speeds and marvel at images you’ll only see in this amazing environment.

Everglades Holiday Park: Family Fun For All Ages

How do you do it? The Everglades tour at Everglades Holiday Park in Ft. Lauderdale lasts an hour and is narrated by skilled "Gladesmen" who bring you front and center with some of the most unusual and exciting images in the Everglades. Sightsee, snap pictures and enjoy the animals in their natural habitat before returning to the park for a live alligator presentation in the world-famous “Gator Pit”. Family-friendly fun, each ride at the park is a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most incredible sights the state has to offer.

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