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Winter Activities at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Everglades Airboat Tours Are A Perfect Fall and Winter Activity - Everglades Holiday Park

With 1.5 million acres of sawgrass and marshlands, each year, Everglades National Park attracts over one million visitors from around the world that come for Everglades airboat tour, Everglades boat tours, group airboat tours, and private airboat tours, and more.

If you live in Florida, it may come as no surprise that a popular question is: when is the best time of year to go on Everglades tours? Although the Everglades are a great, natural attraction to tour year-round, and many South Florida locals who own airboats go nearly every weekend, Everglades airboat tours are even more enjoyable during the fall and winter seasons.

The dry season starts in fall and is in full effect from December to April. Floridians believe that this is the best time to get out on the water and take Everglades National Park boat tours with children, friends, and family.

Mild temperatures in the winter make for optimum conditions to explore the tropical wetlands. The summer months can bring harsh temperatures and irritating mosquitos, which may be uncomfortable for out-of-towners. As it starts to cool down in the fall and winter months, South Florida becomes more enjoyable for residents and visitors to pursue outdoor activities. A winter down south is unlike any other winter; it is bright and sunny, the skies are dry, and there is a cool breeze in the air, which makes it the perfect weather for locals and snowbirds alike to enjoy an Everglades tour through an Everglades boat or other Miami airboat tours.

Not only will you find the temperatures more pleasant on Everglades National Park airboat tours or other during fall and winter, but you can expect to see more wildlife as well - snakes, turtles, insects and hundreds of different bird species. Since alligators mate in the spring, you are likely to see plenty of new baby alligators wandering the swamps, learning how to roam and hunt. Contact us today to learn more about our various Everglades excursions.

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