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Summer Vacations at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

 Everglades Holiday Park: The Best Stop on Your Summer Vacation

Each year, thousands of people head down to South Florida to soak up the summer sun, feel the ocean breeze, and enjoy Everglades boat tours. While most spend a few days basking in all that Fort Lauderdale beach has to offer, those seeking a little extra thrill head to Everglades National Park airboat tours for a day.

Everglades Holiday Park is a wildlife rescue and theme attraction in South Florida that also offers group airboat tours and private airboat tours. Situated on 29 acres of wetlands in Fort Lauderdale, this theme park is much different from any other. Rather than outlets, giant manmade structures, restaurants, and shops, this amusement park is centered around the exploration of Florida’s natural wonder – the Everglades through Everglades excursions.

With over 1.5 million acres of wetland preserves, multiple landscapes, and thousands of animals living within the waters and lands, the Everglades offers unlimited opportunities for sightseeing, adventure, and exploration thanks to Fort Lauderdale and Miami airboat tours

Everglades Holiday Park offers the best, guided airboat rides and Everglades tours for those looking for a summertime adventure. Our state-of-the-art airboats are up to the highest standards for speed and safety, allowing our guests to fly across the River of Grass with an experienced Everglades airboat captain.

Embarking on our 1-hour narrated Everglades tour gives visitors a true feel of South Florida. Our Everglades boat captains will bring you up-close and personal to some of the most unique wildlife in their natural environments, including fish, alligators, snakes, birds, deer, turtles, raccoons, and much more. Unlike an amusement park, these animals aren’t caged up, and they don’t act on command. Instead, visitors can watch them live, eat, sunbathe, swim, and play freely in their natural environment.

Our Everglades Airboat Tours are thrilling, educational, comfortable, and most importantly safe for those of all ages. Our park opens at 9 a.m. every day, and we run airboat tours every 20 minutes. Rain or shine, we can accommodate large groups and small groups alike.

Everglades Holiday Park is also home to Animal Planet’s famous Gator Boys Alligator rescue – a haven for alligators that may have strayed into the local communities. While you’re here, check out one of their live alligator shows in our world-famous gator pit, and get the chance to hold a baby alligator for a photo.

Our Everglades National Park boat tours is the perfect stop for your group this summer. No need to plan anything, we take care of it all for you. We offer catering options for your group to enjoy a meal on-site, and we even provide transportation to and from your hotel.

Whether you’re on summer vacation with the family, if you’re a South Florida local, or you’re on a summer camp field trip, Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect stop for your summer vacation. Call us today to get your visit set up!

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