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Day Trips before School Starts at Everglades Airboat Tours

 Day Trip to the Everglades before School Starts

As sad as your kids may be that their summer vacation is winding down, there is still time for one last summer adventure before school kicks back up again. Parents, you can take your kids and their friends on an exciting day trip exploring the wonderful Everglades. When it comes to sightseeing in Florida, experiencing one of nature’s greatest gifts that is the Everglades is truly remarkable. Before school goes back in session, take your kids on the Everglades tours at Everglades Holiday Park, an alligator park located in sunny Fort Lauderdale. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that your children will never forget! This day trip to the Everglades will make Summer 2018 the best break yet!

Airboat Tours in the Everglades

Your family can start your day off by hopping onboard one of our state-of-the-art airboats for an unforgettable and thrilling ride through the grasslands. All our airboat tours at Everglades Holiday Park include a 60-minute narrated ride from an experienced airboat captain and your kids can expect an educational and adventurous ride to say the least. You can expect to encounter unique wildlife and creatures that you won’t experience elsewhere and as you glide through the Everglades; you will be amazed at the scenic views surrounding you and your family. Our Everglades airboat tour airboats are perfect for all weather conditions, and you will feel safe and comfortable during the entire adventure.

Exciting Animal Encounters

After a thrilling airboat ride, your kids can witness a live animal encounters that will make their summer break one to truly remember. Our guests can get up-close and personal with some of the most interesting and exciting wildlife! This animal encounter is kid-friendly, and your children will be intrigued by some of the most interesting and unique Everglades animals they'll get to see.

The Ultimate Alligator Park for Children of All Ages

Everglades Holiday Park offers the ultimate day trip experience for your children that will make their summer experience one to remember. You can spend the entire day exploring the Everglades with friends and family and you can even go fishing as you take in the scenic views surrounding you. There is something everyone can enjoy at our alligator park and our Everglades tours are the perfect way to end your summer with a bang.

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Labor Day Weekend at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

 Labor Day at the Everglades

With Labor Day right around the corner, it’s easy to become excited about the long weekend and the start of a new season. The kids are off from school, so why not take the whole family over to Everglades Holiday Park for some fun in the sun and outdoor adventure aboard an Everglades boat?

Labor Day Weekend at Everglades Holiday Park

Planning a day at our Everglades gator park will allow you to get the full Everglades experience and you will be amazed at the incredible wildlife that you can encounter. Hop onboard one of our state-of-the-art and Everglades National Park boat tours for a thrilling Everglades excursion for either private airboat tours or group airboat tours gliding through the wetlands. There is so much to see and experience at our alligator park in Fort Lauderdale and Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to plan your next adventure!

A Unique Outdoor Experience

With school back in full force, your kids will be missing the fun and adventurous activities they spent all summer participating in. Why not give them a unique and educational outdoor adventure that they will never forget this Labor Day Weekend? By visiting the Everglades on an Everglades boat tours, you will learn so much about the rich history of the preserved wetlands and you will come across some of the most exotic wildlife that is unique to this area. You can expect an exciting ride on one of our airboat tours as well as getting up close and personal with some of the most fascinating wildlife through our animal encounter program. You and your family can rent out a boat and go fishing through the Everglades as you take in all the beautiful sights and sounds surrounding you from the safety of a professional Everglades tour.

Spend the Day in the Everglades

There is something for everyone at Everglades Holiday Park - you can spend hours exploring the vast park grounds. We provide a full-service deli and café and you can even set up your own picnic this Labor Day. Don’t forget to visit our gift shop so your children can take home a souvenir that they will be able to treasure forever!

Contact Everglades Holiday Park for park hours and pricing information today, and book your next adventure at our gator park! Labor Day Weekend can be filled with adventure and unlimited fun.

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